#573: Hail. Caesar! / Top 5 Coen Bros. Characters
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Friday, 12 February 2016 00:00

Hail, Caesar

‘Funny looking’ is a perfectly good way to describe, say, Steve Buscemi in FARGO – or countless other memorable characters that make up the Coen Bros. universe. With their latest, HAIL, CAESAR!, Josh and Adam consider the whole funny looking bunch and force themselves to pick their Top 5 Coen Bros. Characters. Plus, a review of HAIL, CAESAR!, Massacre Theatre and more!

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Filmspotting #573

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0:00-3:17 - Billboard / Sponsors
3:24-33:19 - Review: "Hail Caesar!"
Music: Josh Rouse, "You Walked Through the Door"
33:19-46:58 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
46:58-53:48 – Top 5: Coen Bros Characters.
Music: Josh Rouse, "Some Days I’m Golden All Night"
1:03:00-1:11:19 - Donations
1: 11:19 -1:33:46 - Top 5: Coen Characters cont.
1:33:46-1:36:02 - Close


- Josh Rouse


Massacre Theatre winner: Beth Etter, Twin Cities, MN


- Yes, Adam said "Llewyn" Moss when he meant "Llewelyn" Moss.


- Mike Nichols quote about directing

- Josh's review of "Hail, Caesar!"

- Indiewire's Best Coen Brothers Characters

- Rolling Stone's 25 Best Coen Characters

- Kevin B. Lee's "Big Short" video essay

- Laura's Squarespace quilting website

- Mary-marry-merry merger

- Kate chiding Rooney on Kimmel


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