#582: Alien / Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room) / FS Madness Champion
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Friday, 22 April 2016 00:00


Fans celebrated Back to the Future Day on Oct. 21, 2015, the date Doc, Marty and Jennifer traveled to from 1985. In that same spirit, fans of the ALIEN franchise have marked a movie date of their own. Taking inspiration from LV-426, the ex-moon where the crew of the Nostromo first encounter the famous xenomorph, April 26th has been deemed 'Alien Day.' We honor the occasion with a Sacred Cow review of Ridley Scott's 1979 classic. Plus, a conversation with GREEN ROOM writer/director Jeremy Saulnier, and the 2016 Filmspotting Madness champion is crowned.

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Filmspotting #582

Filmspotting #582 - Click here or the podcast icon to listen

0:00-2:43 - Billboard / Donations
2:43-39:37 - Sacred Cow Review: "Alien"
Music: Prince, "Let's Go Crazy"
40:48-47:03 - Notes
47:03-1:07:08 - Filmspotting Madness: Champion
Music: Prince, "Purple Rain"
1:08:18-1:14:10 - Donations
1:14:10-1:34:33 - Interview: Jeremy Saulnier
1:34:33-1:37:35 - Close


- Alien Day

- Filmspotting Madness Voting

- Filmspotting Madness Bracket

- Adam's Art of Memoir class

- Josh's review of "Alien"

- Thomas Torrey's movie "Fare"


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