#584: Captain America: Civil War / 2016 Summer Movie Preview / Keanu
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Friday, 06 May 2016 00:00

Civil War

Even if you’re a comic book fan, it’s possible that you’re feeling some Marvel movie fatigue. But one of the surprising things about the dozen or so films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that two of the best films in the mega-franchise are Captain America movies. Maybe make that three. Adam and Josh review the shield-wielding patriot’s CIVIL WAR and ask their Top 5 Summer Movie Questions. Plus, some thoughts on Key and Peele's KEANU and a bonus JUNGLE BOOK review. 

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Filmspotting #584

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0:00-2:01 - Billboard / MUBI
2:01-27:45 - Review: "Captain America: Civil War"
Music: The Besnard Lakes, "Golden Lion"
28:29-40:56 - Notes / Polls
40:56-50:09 - Larsen Recommends: "Keanu"
Music: The Besnard Lakes, "Pressure of Our Plans"
50:58-55:48 - Donations
55:48-1:27:44 - Top 5: Summer Movie Preview
1:25:49-1:43:30 - Close / Bonus Review: "Jungle Book"


- The Besnard Lakes


- Josh's review of "Civil War"

- Josh's review of "Keanu"

- Indiewire's 2016 Summer Movie Preview

- Adam's Art of Memoir class

- LEGO Adam and Josh

- Ocean Research Project / The Sailing Channel


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