#586: The Nice Guys / Top 5 Films of 1987
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Friday, 20 May 2016 00:00

Nice Guys

The buddy crime picture is a well-worn movie genre, but the right combination of players can still make it seem fresh. Enter THE NICE GUYS with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Writer/director Shane Black is no stranger to the buddy picture – his debut screenplay was 1987’s LETHAL WEAPON. Adam and Josh review Black's latest, and relive the glory days of MANNEQUIN (and LETHAL WEAPON) with their Top 5 Films of '87. Plus, Larsen recommends LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT.

Filmspotting #586

Filmspotting #586 - Click here or the podcast icon to listen

0:00-1:45 - Billboard / Sponsors
1:45-24:55 - Review: "The Nice Guys"
24:55-36:27 - Notes / Polls
36:27-43:57 - Larsen Recs: "Last Days in the Desert"
43:57-47:14 - Donations
47:14-1:19:25 - Top 5: Films of 1987
1:19:25-1:34:53 - Close / Hot Mics


- Josh's review of "The Nice Guys"

- Josh's review of "Last Days in the Desert"

- Chicago Critics Film Festival

- Adam's video Q&A with John Sayles

- "Thinking In Pictures" by John Sayles

- Ebert on "House of Games"

- Adam's full 1987 ranked list


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