#596: The Fits / Star Trek Beyond / Le Havre
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Friday, 29 July 2016 00:00

Director Anna Rose Holmer had a Sundance hit earlier this year with her debut film THE FITS, a stunningly shot tale of a young girl coming to terms with the frightening reality of impending adolescence. On this week's show, a review of Holmer’s film, plus a 'Review Roundup' with thoughts on Michel Gondry's MICROBE & GASOLINE, the new doc NUTS! and STAR TREK BEYOND. Also the 5th film in our Contemporary Nordic Cinema Marathon - Aki Kaurismaki's LE HAVRE.

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Filmspotting #596

Filmspotting #596 - Click here or the podcast icon to listen

0:00-1:12 - Billboard
1:12-24:03 - Review: "The Fits"
Lucy Dacus, "Map On A Wall"
28:42-53:38 - Notes / Polls
53:38-1:12:50 - Nordic #5 "Le Havre"
Lucy Dacus, "I Don't Want To Be Funny Anymore"
1:13:52-1:19:03 - Donations
1:19:03-1:40:27 - Review Roundup: "Microbe & Gasoline," "Nuts!," "Star Trek Beyond"
1:40:27-1:57:51 - Close / Hot Mics


- Lucy Dacus


- "The Fits" theatrical release info

- Josh's review of "The Fits"

- Josh's review of "Star Trek Beyond"

- Matt Singer's "Star Trek Beyond" review

- Josh's review of "Microbe and Gasoline"

- Billy Ray Brewton's "Show Yourself"

- Screening information for NUTS!


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