#603: Sully / Nordic Cinema Marathon Awards
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Friday, 16 September 2016 00:00

Young Frankenstein

When a couple of American movie icons pair up, it’s sometimes a little surprising to realize that they’ve never worked together before. In the case of SULLY, it’s Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks - and if the movie becomes an Oscar favorite, you can count on Adam and Josh fighting about it from now til February as the film sparks another debate. Plus, Filmspotting rolls out the red carpet for 'The Sad Tubas', honoring the best of the show's recent Contemporary Nordic Cinema Marathon.

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Filmspotting #603

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0:00-0:59 - Billboard
0:59-30:03 - Review: "Sully"
Frankie Lee, "American Dreamer"
31:19-42:59 - Notes / Polls
42:59-1:14:46 - Nordic Marathon Awards
1:14:46-1:24:52 - Close / Hot Mics


 - Frankie Lee


- Eastwood didn't direct "Trouble With the Curve" but it is a Malpaso Production.


- Josh's review of "Sully"

- "One Year Later" film

- Chicago Podcast Festival


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