#614: La La Land / Top 5 Musical Numbers / Golden Brick Finalists
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Wednesday, 07 December 2016 00:00

La La Land

It says something about the contemporary movie landscape that the prospect of a new live-action movie musical is as much of a curiosity as the high-profile appearance of a silent film back in 2011. Of course that 2011 silent - THE ARTIST - went on to win a Best Picture Oscar, which may bode well for director Damien Chazelle’s LA LA LAND, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. A review of LA LA LAND, plus Michael Phillips and guest Desiree Garcia (star of Chazelle's "Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench") share their Top 5 Movie Musical Numbers.

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Filmspotting #614

Filmspotting #614 - Click here or the podcast icon to listen

0:00-1:41 - Billboard
1:41-30:18 - Review "La La Land"
"City of Stars," Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone ("La La Land")
31:35-44:59 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
44:59-59:24 - Golden Brick Finalists
"Cheek to Cheek," Ella Fitzgerald
1:00:26-1:03:28 - Donations
1:03:28-1:46:29 - Top 5: Musical Numbers
1:46:29-1:52:43 - Close



- "La La Land" Soundtrack


- Massacre Theatre Winner: Cleveland Hardin, Liberty, MO


- Josh's "La La Land" review

- Filmspotting "Wrap Party Live" Tickets

- Desiree Garcia's Bio

- "The Migration of Musical Film" 

- Fosse's "From This Moment On" (at 2:15)

- Adam on "Kate Plays Christine"

- Esteban's "Door County" Kickstarter

- Movies Are Prayers, available for pre-order


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