#613: The Edge of Seventeen / Top 5 Teen Girl Movies Directed by Women
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Friday, 02 December 2016 00:00

Edge of Seventeen

In most teen coming of age movies, it’s usually the boys who do the coming of age. But in THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, the focus is squarely on the girls. First-time feature director Kelly Fremon Craig’s film has been praised by critics, but mostly ignored by audiences. Adam and Josh share some praise of their own and TCM's Marya E. Gates calls in to share her picks for the Top 5 Teen Girl Movies Directed by Women. Plus: some post-credits ARRIVAL spoiler talk.

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Filmspotting #613

Filmspotting #613 - Click here or the podcast icon to listen

0:00-1:23 - Billboard
1:23-30:49 - Review "The Edge of Seventeen"
"Vanity," Mica Levi (Jackie)
31:44-45:26 - Notes / Polls
45:26-57:01 - Golden Brickspotting
"The End," Mica Levi (Jackie)
57:59-1:02:30 - Donations
1:02:30-1:36:14 - Top 5: Teen Girl Movies Directed by Women
1:36:14-1:53:07 - Close / Spoiler Talk: "Arrival"


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