#523: 2015 Movie Preview (Pt. 2)
Friday, 30 January 2015 00:00



  1. Can Cameron Crowe become relevant again? – Untitled Cameron Crowe Project
  2. Can Don Cheadle write and direct... himself? or Can Don Cheadle write and direct a biopic as innovative as his subject? – Miles Ahead
  3. Can they make two good Bond films in a row? – Spectre
  4. Can Joe Wright make me care about Peter Pan? or Can Joe Wright make me care about fantasy? – Pan
  5. Can Channing Tatum play a "character" – Jupiter Ascending


  1. Will Sundance 2015 give us another Boyhood?
  2. How will The Hunger Games end?
  3. How many Oscars will go to the cast of Carol?
  4. Can Tina Fey and Amy Poehler recapture their Golden Globes magic in Sisters?
  5. How will Colin Trevorrow handle the big budget and massive scale of Jurassic World?

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