#571: 2016 Movie Preview (Pt. 2)
Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00


  1. Which minority movies will the Academy get credit for nominating or crushed for ignoring?
  2. Will “Sing” make us hail the return of Garth Jennings?
  3. Will “War Machine” crank out the streams? or How legit are Netflix and Amazon as sources for original movie content?
  4. Will we reap the rewards of directors working outside their comfort zones?
  5. Which debaucherous duo will be more dynamic – Elvis and Nixon or Russ and Roger?


  1. Will Nocturnal Animals show that Tom Ford is more than a one-hit wonder?
  2. Will Jodie Foster finally make her mark as a director with Money Monster?
  3. Never mind peak TV, have we finally reached peak superhero?
  4. Will the Ghostbusters reboot top the original?
  5. Can Christopher Guest get his groove back with Mascots?

Genevieve Koski

  1. Just how big a deal will Birth of a Nation be?
  2. Can The Lonely Island's Conner4Real possibly recapture the comedic splendor of MacGruber?
  3. Might this be the year we finally see a great video game adaptation?
  4. Can Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone atone for the sins of Tammy with The Boss?
  5. Will Hamilton creator Lin Manuel-Miranda become the youngest EGOT winner ever with Moana?

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