#584: Top 5 Summer 2016 Movie Questions
Friday, 06 May 2016 00:00
  1. Will "The Nice Guys" elevate Ryan Gosling to comedic genius status?
  2. Can Woody Allen win me back with "Cafe Society"?
  3. Which movie will delight and disturb the most – "Weiner" or "Wiener-Dog"?
  4. Will scaredy-cat Adam finally see a "Purge" and/or a "Conjuring" movie?
  5. Will "Ghostbusters" be significantly better than its terrible trailer?
  1. Was "Inside Out" a Pixar blip?
  2. Can Ewan McGregor play Jesus and Satan?
  3. Can "The Founder" do justice to its inspired cast?
  4. Will "Suicide Squad" right the DC ship?
  5. Does "Swiss Army Man" really exist?

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