#341: Top 5 Robert De Niro Scenes
Friday, 01 April 2011 00:00


  1. Raging Bull: "Did you [blank] my wife?"

  2. The King of Comedy: On Jerry's show with Liza (7:20-8:30)

  3. Taxi Driver: "I'd like to volunteer"

  4. Mean Streets: $10 on a $2,000 debt

  5. Midnight Run: "These sunglasses, they are really nice"

Dana Stevens

  1. Taxi Driver: "You're gonna die in a hell"

  2. The King of Comedy: Imaginary lunch with Jerry (5:16-7:47)

  3. Raging Bull: "I'm not an animal"

  4. Heat: Coffee with Pacino

  5. New York, New York: New dad Jimmy abandons Francine

Honorable Mentions

  • The Godfather Part II: Baby Fredo is ill; Intimidating the slum lord

  • Goodfellas: Deciding to whack Morrie

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